Press Release: Vietnam Now Opening

As in China, art in Vietnam has undergone dramatic changes since it threw off the shackles of socialist realism in the late 1980s. With fewer restrictions on creativity and growing exposure to international art trends, Vietnamese artists have become increasingly experimental in developing their own unique style while at the same time continuing to incorporate Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage in their work.

Today, the country’s art scene is thriving with art works being exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Torontonians will have an unprecedented opportunity to see a cross-section of contemporary Vietnamese art by five of the country’s leading artists.

Exhibition Dates: June 2 – 14, 2011

Location: Arta Gallery, Distillery District
55 Mill Street, Suite 102, Bldg. 9

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 2, 6 – 9 pm
Artist Nguyen Kim Quang in attendance

Nguyen Kim Quang
Ha Tri Hieu
Vu Thu Hien
Dinh Thi Tham Poong
Hoang Phuong Vy

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