The East Gallery closes permanent exhibition space, adopts new operating model


Dear friends of the East Gallery:

As of October 6th, we will be closing our permanent gallery space on Dundas St. W. and we will be adopting a new operating model for 2014.

Next year, we will hold 4 different exhibitions in a variety of prominent gallery locations around Toronto and we plan to take several of these shows to other cities in Canada.  [click to continue…]

Conversation about Burma’s political, economic and social opening


The gallery was packed for an interesting talk by Elinor Bajraktari who had worked for the UNDP in Burma, August 1, 2013. The event was organized by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, The Harvard Club of Toronto and the East Gallery. [click to continue…]

A Look Back at Asia’s Contemporary Art Market in 2012


The Asian art market continued to boom in 2012 , mainly driven by savvy investors and China’s nouveau riche. “Some invest in art as though it were a stock market, with artworks that are virtually split into multiples of dematerialized shares” according to Artprice, an art auction research firm.  Wealthy Chinese collectors were willing to pay top dollars for everything from Ming vases to contemporary Chinese abstract paintings.

Hong Kong has become the world’s third-largest auction market behind New York and London. Hong Kong’s International Art Fair, where tote bags and T-shirts reading “Money Creates Taste” were being hawked, was reeking in million-dollar deals in 2012. [click to continue…]

The East Gallery’s Highlights in 2012


February: Burmese artist Nann Nann comes to Toronto, for the all-female ‘Half the Sky’ exhibition
March: Lecture about ‘Women at the Crossroads’ –women and culture at the center of a changing Southeast Asia
April: ‘Asia awakens’ at the Toronto Art Expo, where the East Gallery is prominently featured
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